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For completing the product line and enhancing their professional status, Tongtai made a strategic alliance with Honor Seiki, APEC, and Quicktech. With the integration of those companies, Tongtai's products expanded to large size vertical lathes, large size cross-track type high speed five-axis machining centres and small size high speed precision CNC lathes. Including the latest machines, horizontal boring and milling machines and gantry type machining centre, Tongtai products in the metal cutting domain are now complete and able to provide comprehensive solutions for our customers. Furthermore, within the group, each member could share the resources internally to enhance the external competence of the Tongtai group. Tongtai, Honor Seiki, APEC and Quicktech, will contribute our ability and expect not only to be a benchmark in each product domain but that all of us together will be world-class corporations in the future.

NEW ----- VU-5 Ultrasonic Assisted Machining Center

Designed to machine, Sapphire, Zirconia, Glass, Hardned steel etc...
The excellent ultrasonic control technology can Ensure the stability of long term machining. Frequency scanning and power setting can be completed automatically by controller to improve productivity.      
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NEW ----- GT-800 Five axis Vertical Machining Center

Gantry type structure
The GT-800 is developed for aerospace, mold and automotive part machining. It can handle parts with a maximum diameter of 1.000 mm and a weight of 1.000 Kgs. According the machining requirements 15.000 rpm and 20.000 rpm spindle are both available for selection. On Gantry type structure the control of three linear axes is independent on work piece weight and the driven centers of three axis are all on these gravity center. It dramatically improves dynamic stability. Standard equipped with roller cam type A/C axis with a maximum of 13.770/9.180 Nm torque output, these offer enough torque for acceleration need when A/C axis rapid reverse.      
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NEW ----- DC-45 High Speed Vertical Machining Center

Double column structure design
DC-45 is especially developped for high speed contouring. Compare with general C-type vertical machining center, the symmetric and compact double column structure has higher structure rigidity and lower interia of three axis, furthermore, workpiece only moving on one direction. Equuipped with Mitsubishi M720-VS controller, it ensures the stability and precision in high speed contouring.
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NEW ----- VC-610 High Speed Vertical Machining Center

Cutting feed up to 10.000 mm/min
The wide span coloumn ensures the best force flow for maximum machine rigidity. Through finite element analysys (FEA) the structure was analized to Ensure also a high dynamic rigidity and stability. To have the best motor performance a direct-drive spindle is installed with a speed of 12.000 rpm. Optional a 15.000 and a 20.000 rpm spindle is available. Oil-air lubricated bearings and a floating sleave on the rear-end bearing are able to reduce thermal generation and avoid thermal expansion thet effects machining accuracy and bearing life.
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NEW ----- TD-2500YBC Multi Tasking Turning Center

Rigidity is better than the past
Enheriting the outstanding machine rigidity from the TB series, the TD series is the new multy tasking turning center with single power turret which standard equipped with 12 tool stations and linear Y axis to process milling function. In addition, for customer's needs, the 16 tool stations turret and sub-spindle is also available for more complex machining process, it helps to reduce labor costs and increase floor utility.
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NEW ----- SH-4000 Horizontal Machining Center

Designed for aluminium machining
The SH-4000 is equipped with a 15.000 RPM build in spindle which has 18.5/25/37 kW power and 95/171/250 Nm torque output. For maximum performance the machine is equipped with high rigidity roller gear guide ways allowing a rapid traverse of 60 m/min with an acceleration/deceleration of 1.0 G. An Automatic pallet changer is available as an option to optimize loading and unloading times. The slim design with a with of only 1.75 m makes it suitable for mass production line planning & aluminium machining.
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New ----- TC-Series CNC Lathe (30 Slant Saddle)

Tongtai's CNC Lathes have been widely popular to worldwide customers because its high reliability and high cost-performance rate. But we are not self-satisfied and devoted to improve product quality to fit customers demand. Now, Tongtai launches a new CNC Lathe series. With finite element analysis the structure rigidity is reinforced. The non-cutting time is decreased because of quick tool changing on servo driven turret. Furthermore, chip evacuation and ergonomic are also improved. The new TC series is your best choice of CNC lathe for high rigidity, high efficiency and high cost performance rate.
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Tongtai - Expert of customiztion & turnkey projects ( 17-8-2015 )

Driven by the rapid development of automation technology in recent years, the automated production systems have been introduced to the enterprises, not only to enhance the competiveness and reduce the labour costs but also improve the productivity and yield. The benefits and technology brought by automated production has become one of the cornerstones to create custom .....
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TIMTOS 2015 ( 17-8-2015 )

TIMTOS, the most important machine tools show from Taiwan will be held from 3th ~ 8th March 2015 in the Taipei World Trade Center. Tongtai will introduce spectacular new machines in an attractive and modern design. You find Tongtai in the Nangang Exhibition Hall, stand number J0830.

Value-added in Tongtai's new generation machine ( 17-8-2015 )

The chairman of Tongtai, Jui-Hsiung Yen, made a nice presentation about "The aesthetic designs in the machine tools industry"on the 9th of November. Referring to Steve Jobs style, whose presentations were given with the daily clothes like T-shirt and jeans, Yen put on his vest and hat, which are the uniform in Tongtai, and introduced the new machine model in the TMTS. .....
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