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Driven by the rapid development of automation technology in recent years, the automated production systems have been introduced to the enterprises, not only to enhance the competiveness and reduce the labour costs but also improve the productivity and yield. The benefits and technology brought by automated production has become one of the cornerstones to create customer values and enhance industrial competiveness.Tongtai manufactured the first automated production line 35 years ago, working with special purpose machines to produce the engine valves of motorcycles. Until now, Tongtai has already manufactured more than 300 sets of various production systems. You will be satisfied with the automation solutions from Tongtai as the reliability has been approved by the automotive part makers around the world.

Automatic wheel production line

Automatic technology has made a spurt of progress for past years. Automatic production system was introduced into many corporations continually, that not only improved competency and personnel cost, also improved production capacity and yield rate. Automatic production brings economic profit and technology development, it has become the key of corporation value creation and industry competency improvement.

Automatic production is very suitable for wheel machining lines. It can save labour power in transit. In addition, avoid the accidents that may occur because of huge workpiece like wheel machining in high speed. To integrate Tongtai's abundant customized experience and technology with complete wheel machining line, it can offer customer the best beneficially automatic solution from material preparation, machining inspection, stock to production management.


NEW ----- GT-800 Five axis Vertical Machining Center

Gantry type structure
The GT-800 is developed for aerospace, mold and automotive part machining. It can handle parts with a maximum diameter of 1.000 mm and a weight of 1.000 Kgs. According the machining requirements 15.000 rpm and 20.000 rpm spindle are both available for selection. On Gantry type structure the control of three linear axes is independent on work piece weight and the driven centers of three axis are all on these gravity center. It dramatically improves dynamic stability. Standard equipped with roller cam type A/C axis with a maximum of 13.770/9.180 Nm torque output, these offer enough torque for acceleration need when A/C axis rapid reverse.      
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