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GT-630   Five axis Vertical Machining Center

Machine type
Vertical Machining Center 5-Axis
Travel x-as
760 mm
Travel y-as
820 mm
40 Kw
Spindle speed
15000 rpm
Tool capacity
Machine structure
Casting components on this machine are made of high quality cast iron.
The Y-axis is driven by a single ball screw at the center of gravity to ensure
    the parallelism of slide moving
The gravity center of Y-axis moving components falls within the supporting range of
    sliding block, it decreases the decline of spindle and improves dynamic stability.
Less overhung spindle provides excellent rigidity in heavy duty machining.

Spindle unit and table
The spindle is equipped with an oil lubrication bearing and oil cooling cartridge, it constrains the thermal generation and reduces the thermal expansion in the spindle. The spindle is suitable for long hour machining and available with thermal compensation mechanism (optional)
The rotating axis of the table is driven by DD motor to provide higher speed an higher precision. The table is equipped with a roller gear mechanism, this provides lower friction, easy activate for high speed rotation and high precision back lash.

For technical details please download the PDF brochure.

            GT-630 (6675 Kb )